Middle School Hosts Annual Honors Night

Middle School Hosts Annual Honors Night

On May 18, our Middle School faculty, staff, and administrators welcomed parents and students to the EdgeCenter for Sportsmanship and Wellness, the Nest, to celebrate the achievements of another successful year. Students earned awards in world languages, English, social studies, math, science, physical education, and electives like art, music, creative writing, mythology, photojournalism, leadership and service-learning, and robotics.

Forty-three sixth-grade students, 27 seventh-grade students, and 55 eighth-grade students earned honor roll status with high honors while 42 earned honor roll status with honors. The excellent citizenship medal was earned by 24 students and was presented by Dr. Long, Mrs. Fagan, and Ms. Salazar.

Eighth-grade student Nicholas Brown won the Sons of the American Revolution award which was presented by SAR Chapter representative Mr. Ron Grove.

Mr. David Bernatavitz and Mrs. Marcia Bernatavitz recognized 20 students as members of the Distinguished Scholar Program. These students are dedicated to their studies throughout the school year and are always ready to take on new material.

The “overall all-around student” is presented to the student who exemplifies what the three pillars of Montverde Academy are all about including knowledge, character, and community. These students are people who academically perform at a high level of proficiency, are recognized by their peers and faculty as being excellent citizens, and are involved in school community activities beyond dismissal time. The sixth-grade All-Around Student, presented by Mrs. Lindor, is Akylah Shirley. The seventh-grade All-Around Student, presented by Ms. Benner, is Kate Lindberg. The eighth-grade All-Around Student, presented by Mr. Werner, is Evangeline (Evy) DeClercq.

The Dean’s Award, presented by Dr. Adams, is presented to the Middle School student who best exemplifies the highest excellence in the areas of knowledge, character, and community and holds the honor of being the Overall All-Around Student for the Middle School. The Dean’s Award was presented to Kristy Khadka and Dimitri Tentomas.

Before the eighth-grade students crossed the stage to officially graduate from Middle School, Mr. Quick announced the Middle School Teacher of the Year. The Teacher of the Year Award is voted on by faculty members within that division. To be eligible: teachers must not have received this recognition over the last three years, teach at least four sections within that division, and must be full-time instructional faculty. The Teacher of the Year Award is awarded to the one teacher who has practiced the highest standards of the profession in their classroom, someone who has placed great energy into their teaching, has used multiple resources to teach, provided a comfortable learning environment, varies their teaching techniques, is prepared, responds effectively to student inquiries, upholds the highest standards in the delivery of their teaching methods, and most of all has inspired the learning process. Mr. Quick awarded Dr. Caryn Long this year’s Middle School Teacher of the Year award.

The Middle School concluded the Honors Night ceremony by graduating 84 eighth-grade students with the help of Mr. Lobato, Mr. Narducci, Ms. Salazar, Ms. Tamasi, Mrs. Vickers, and Mr. Werner. Congratulations to our graduates and all of our award winners.