Middle School Honor Council Fostering a Culture of Honor and Integrity at Montverde Academy

The Middle School Honor Council at Montverde Academy promotes a school culture where all members of the school community understand the value of honor and strive to live with integrity. The Honor Council identifies current issues related to the Honor Code and works with Middle School administration to help students and teachers understand and address those issues. Members of the Honor Council are selected by the Academy’s administration through an application process and serve a term of a single year.

Sanvhi Gandhi, an eighth-grade student at MVA, was selected President of the Honor Council for the 2023-24 academic year. “When applying to the Honor Council this year, I hoped to be able to be a more involved council member than before,” said Sanvhi. “Last year, I was an inexperienced yet excited seventh grader who was new to the world of leadership.

“After learning the Honor Council’s purpose and how it impacts the school, I was intrigued by the thought of leading an organization such as this. Finding out I was selected to be the President gave me a sense of pride as I would now become one of the leading faces of an organization that I enjoyed helping with in the past.

“The opportunity I have been given by the members of the Council is something that I cherish, and I look forward to doing things such as games, presentations, and more. This year, I plan to expand the Middle School Honor Council and create a safe, happy environment for all students. Since this is the second year of the Honor Council, I hope to introduce its principles to the student body so they will better understand the values of the Academy.

“Throughout the year, we will do fun activities, such as Assembly games, presentations, skits, and more, to engage students in fun and exciting ways and show them what our school stands for. Being part of the MVA community is something that I have always wanted to do, and I am so happy I was given the chance to show everyone what I am capable of.”