Mask Up Buttercup!

Mask up buttercup themed masks at MVA

Mask Up Buttercup!

The masks have become a part of our everyday apparel amidst COVID-19. While it is an important part of our daily attire, Mrs. Cathy Podguski, dorm parent, and Tricia Konts, her daughter and also former MVA dorm parent, wanted to make it more light-hearted and bearable for the boarding students.

“Unlike the day students who can take their masks off when they get home, boarding students are wearing these masks all day unless they are in their room,” said Mrs. Podguski. “We started saying ‘Mask up buttercup’ to lighten up the reminders to wear a mask, which the girls embraced.”

Mrs. Tricia Konts, an MVA dorm parent for seven years before moving to South Carolina, still feels a strong connection to the Academy. She and her mom worked together create a fun, colorful design that features a buttercup which Mrs. Konts then used her craft skills to customize masks for the girls.

“While there’s not a lot I can control when it comes to COVID-19, I can help keep my loved ones and people safe in a tangible way by customizing face masks,” said Mrs. Konts. “Our family has been directly impacted by the pandemic, and I’m happy to help my Mom make the process a little more bearable for the students.”

“The girls seemed to really like masks, and if that makes it easier for them, we are happy to help. I’ve been at MVA for 11 years because I love this program and strive to have a positive impact on these amazing students’ lives,” said Mrs. Podguski.