Lower School Students Art Featured by Orlando WonderWorks

Lower School Students Art Featured by Orlando WonderWorks

Congratulations to Ella Demarest fifth-grade student, and Kairos Guadalupe and Philip Guerzoni third-grade students, whose artwork was selected to be featured in the FLO-ART: Central Florida Youth Art Gallery online. The students’ entries were selected from submissions made by students from Central Florida.

The contest theme was Time to Think. The description said, “This year has given all of us time to think and create. Whether you’ve imagined a world much different than the one we’re living in or you dreamed up the next great invention, WonderWorks wants to encourage young artists to THINK and express your thoughts through ART.”

Ella entitled her painting Sunset Horse. Her description said, “Life can be hard, sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful moments around you.”

Philip titled his painting, Stop Polluting. “The black and gold represent pollution – please let us live on a better planet,” he wrote.

Kairo titled his painting, Ocean. His description read, “The description is about how the ocean looks beautiful – the blue, purple and green stand for the ocean and the black stands for the pollution.”

Ms. Lori Pollack, Middle/Lower School art teacher, incorporated the contest into her curriculum to use liquid watercolor. “For this project with this medium, students had to plan out the piece,” said Ms. Pollack. “I call it flow art because the liquid watercolor ‘flows’ over the paper. They begin with a rough draft to describe what image will be created, how the design relates to the theme, the colors they will use, and what will be in the foreground and the background. We try to plan this out but are also flexible because we are using liquid, which has a lot of movement, so you may get an outcome that wasn’t expected.”

Congratulations students!