Lower School Honors Night: Celebrating Accomplishments and Milestones

The Kindergarten class opened the Lower School Honors Night with their rendition of “On My Way.” We celebrated the accomplishments of our hardworking students as Ms. Meristell Shackelford, Dean of the Lower School, and Mr. Yordin Robinson, Associate Dean of the Lower School, presented the Citizenship Awards, Honor Roll Awards, Safety Patrol Awards, Sons of the American Revolution Award, Dean’s Awards, and Charter Awards.

The Sons of the American Revolution Award was presented to fifth-grade student Anika Gupta. The fourth-grade Dean’s Award was presented to Cruz Aponte, and the fifth-grade Dean’s Award was presented to Anaisha McDowell. Charter Awards were given to the following students who have attended Montverde Academy from Pre-K3 through grade 5: Nevaeh Driscoll, Jason El-Bacha, Roberto Negron, Henrik Paulsen, and Noah Rock-Rodriguez.

Kindergarteners walked down the aisle in their caps and gowns and took the stage to receive their diplomas.

Students in the fifth-grade class were presented with their diplomas as Mr. Troy Urquhart, Dean of the Middle School, and Mrs. Emilie Fracker, Associate Dean of the Middle School greeted them at the end of the stage to welcome them to their new beginning at the Middle School. The fifth-grade class then presented their slideshow of baby pictures and class pictures.

Mrs. Rosalie Garland, a first-grade teacher in the Lower School, was named the 2023-24 Lower School Teacher of the Year.

As a grand finale, the fifth-grade class performed the song “Seize the Day.”

Congratulations to all the student award winners, graduates, and Mrs. Garland on their accomplishments and milestone achievements this school year!