Join Us for Night for the Cure – April 30

Join Us for Night for the Cure – April 30

Approximately 1,898,160 new cancer cases and 608,570 cancer deaths are projected to occur in 2021 in the United States according to a study done by the American Cancer Foundation. Though there is a marked decline in the number of deaths attributed to cancer, it remains the second leading cause of death, affecting one in three people.

Montverde Academy’s annual Night for the Cure event is scheduled for Friday, April 30. The event was established to honor those whose lives have been touched by cancer, with proceeds directly supporting organizations that help South Lake County families including Cornerstone Hospice, Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation and the University of Florida Shands Cancer Hospital. This year’s event will be hosted on Friday, April 30. Support the event by purchasing luminaries and t-shirts HERE.

Night for the Cure at MVA began as a small community event that honored cancer survivors, those combating the disease and the families affected by cancer. Through the years, it has grown into a large event that features moving ceremonies, a group lap around the track, music, sponsored booths to raise funds, fellowship, and more. Students, staff and faculty volunteer to manage and execute the event. Pavlos Tentomas (’21) is serving as event director overseeing a committee of students and MVA faculty.

For this year’s event, even amidst a pandemic, our enduring vision remains strong. We continue to work and plan to bring this vision forward, one of strength and determination. Especially throughout this year, the words “enduring vision” have never been more applicable.

As an entire society, we have managed to shift our entire way of life to accommodate this peculiar time. We have fought and sacrificed at home, in public, and in our health facilities to make sure that everyone stays healthy and safe. We have put aside comfort and convenience, and have instead brought a sense of care and compassion into everyday life. A sense of selflessness.

This is what we’re all about at NFC, and we, unlike many, wish to look back at 2020 in a positive way. We want to highlight our development as a people and our development as a community. A community that has undergone tremendous stress over the past months. We wish to honor medical workers and first responders who have put their lives on the line for our wellbeing. We wish to celebrate those with severe illnesses who have triumphed over the cards they were dealt. And finally, we wish to commemorate those who have fallen victim to the effects of the pandemic.

In spite of all this, we are still united under a common goal: to put a stop to cancer, and to put a stop to suffering. We stand together for a cause we believe and trust in. And in this past year, as difficult as it was, we endured. This year’s battle has stretched far beyond what we are used to. It has become a battle of humanity and was ultimately a test of our capabilities.

Our event this year proves that we have won this battle. However, the war is far from over. This is why we need to come together, and why we so greatly appreciate everyone contributing to this noble cause. We thank you for your support, and together, we will win every battle that comes our way.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!