Grandmother-Granddaughter Duo Donate Blood at the One Blood Big Red Bus on Campus

MVA students and families had the opportunity on Tuesday to donate at the One Blood Big Red Bus on campus. Donors received a One Blood swag bag, an MVA Student Center cookie coupon, and a free health screening; and student donors also received five community service hours!

Isabella Kirst, a rising twelfth grader at MVA, and her grandmother donated together. “It was my first time donating, and it was a great experience,” said Isabella. “I felt very comfortable and well taken care of the whole time. The atmosphere was very welcoming and upbeat. I will definitely be donating again. It’s nice to know I’m able to help other people by doing something so simple. I definitely would suggest it to others because I saved three lives today, and it feels great.”

“This was my first time donating blood,” said Mrs. Kirst. “I picked up Bella from track practice, and she said she would like to donate blood to help people. It was a pleasant experience.”

“We are so grateful to all the donors who supported our MVA summer blood drive,” said Mrs. Margaret Price, Assistant Dean of Students for Multiculturalism, Leadership, and Student Programs. “It is such a rewarding way to earn community service hours. We hope you enjoyed all the pizza and tasty snacks and that you wear your One Blood swag gear with pride. Have a safe summer.”