Four MVA Seniors Enter 2023 National Merit® Scholarship Program

Four Montverde Academy seniors, Jeremy Chen, Jasmine Lai, Zackary Spangler, and Trevor Turnquist, met the requirements to enter the 2023 National Merit® Scholarship Program. Of the 1.3 million students who applied nationwide, these four students were among the top 50,000 participants and will be recognized as Commended Students.

These four students (pictured from left to right) commented on how they felt Montverde Academy helped prepare them to meet this requirement:

Jeremy Chen

“Montverde Academy has helped me mature into the student that I am today. I love the teachers and their teaching styles: they cover an abundance of content to not only prepare us for placement tests, but provide a pathway for us to explore the subject ourselves. We are encouraged to ask questions and express our opinions on various topics, which has broadened my perspectives and understanding. There are often group activities/projects that take place during class, in which I get the opportunity to discuss with fellow students and exchange our views. I have found that time with my classmates not only to be helpful academically, but it has also built strong bonds within the student body. I really like the learning environment at Montverde Academy and am sure that I will be ready for the next steps of my academic career when I graduate from this wonderful school.”

Jasmine Lai

“Upon arriving at Montverde Academy in eighth grade, my curiosity flourished. Being surrounded by teachers would enable me to develop a strong and enduring passion in my education and has served to instill a strong work ethic within me. Throughout the years, Montverde Academy has not only fostered academic excellence from me, but it has also guided me through times of distress. By helping me identify my academic weaknesses and improve upon them, Montverde Academy has enabled me to transcend my limits and perform to my potential, leading, in particular, to my accomplishments regarding my most recent PSAT score.”

Zackary Spangler

“Throughout my 13 years at Montverde Academy, I’ve learned foundational values that have taught me the importance of discipline, character, and work ethic. Montverde Academy has provided me with an environment that facilitates and ensures my growth. No matter what I aim to achieve, Montverde Academy will always be there to give me the support and enrichment I need. I am forever grateful for the Academy’s loving and supportive community that gave me the tools to succeed on my most recent PSAT as well as in life.”

Trevor Turnquist

“I have been a student at Montverde Academy since kindergarten. From the very beginning, MVA has instilled in me strong study habits and a dedication to learning. There were times when I was faced with challenges and the teachers and administration worked with my family and me to come up with workable solutions so that I could continue to learn in a positive environment. I believe this community of support helped foster my love of learning so that I could succeed in things such as the PSAT. I am thankful for my time at Montverde Academy and everyone’s assistance to help me achieve my academic goals.”