Environmental Club Hosts Pop-Up Thrift Store

By Amy Napoles, Upper School Science Teacher and Environmental Club Sponsor 

Several of our Environmental Club members have been interested in the concept of “fast fashion” and learning more about how wasteful the fashion industry is. We are always trying to incorporate solutions into the daily lives of environmentally-conscious students, so we spent some time learning about ways to reduce the amount of resources used in the production of our wardrobes.

One easy solution is to buy more second-hand clothing. Thrift shopping is a fun and trendy way to find unique clothing that has a significantly smaller ecological footprint. We asked students to donate some of their previously loved but no longer wanted clothing to our club, and then the Environmental Club hosted a pop-up thrift event.

Students, faculty and staff perused and purchased a variety of tops, bottoms, outerwear and accessories; and the proceeds from the sales are going to help the Environmental Club to host more events and activities related to environmental issues and conservation. Unused clothing will be donated to local nonprofits for someone else to love.