EA SPORTS Gaming at MVA Students Participate in Lake Nona Performance Club’s New Physical and Mental Improvement Program

By Dr. Caryn Long

On Saturday, April 1, the EA Sports Gaming at MVA attended a day-long event sponsored by Lake Nona Performance Club to test their new physical and mental improvement program specifically for esports athletes. Cody Werner, Kyler Thomas, and Brad Johnson, joined by two Gaming Club members, Prasheel Patel, and Rishi Gandhi, were analyzed for physical performance and floor and ceiling ability using artificial intelligence (AI) programs and brain performance along a variety of levels also using AI through the NESTRE program.

The team members then learned about nutrition, brain performance, and physical health; increased their personal gaming skills and participated in meditation, yoga, and personal training; and had an opportunity to talk to the coach and one of the players of the Orlando Magic’s esports team. The event was part of Lake Nona’s research to provide the best training for esports athletes.