Creativity with Kristy Tubbs

Creativity with Kristy Tubbs

The Arts at Montverde Academy has continued to see growth with additional courses being added to the curriculum and support for creativity in the classroom. Upper School Visual Arts teacher Mrs. Kristy Tubbs has taken this to heart and is inspiring creativity in her students.

Ceiling tiles might be thought of as boring industrial spaces, but not to Mrs. Tubbs. The Visual Arts class experiments with different art styles as a way of expressing themselves while beautifying a space.

“I am very excited about the upcoming school year!” said Mrs. Tubbs. “Mr. Narducci and I have been working in my classroom to transform it visually into a more welcoming and creative space. Adding color on the walls and some greenery will help to liven the space up.”

The Arts department will welcome new classes like Advanced Ceramics and Music Technology to this year’s curriculum while adding additional support to classes like Photography I and II, 2-Dimensional Art, AP Studio Art, AP Art History, and 3-Dimensional Art.

“I have been working on a new curriculum to begin this year, so there will be some exciting new projects. My three-year plan is to grow the program and really build on the skills needed for that. This will take some time as it is a process. As those skills are building, my hope is that the relationships I make with my students will as well. Art is a process, not an all-nighter, so getting my students to trust me to help them there is important,” said Mrs. Tubbs.