Contestants Got Innovative During MVA Cardboard Challenge

Contestants Got Innovative During MVA Cardboard Challenge

This summer, Montverde Academy hosted its first Cardboard Challenge as a nod to the initial phases of the Educational Technology and Innovation Center getting underway.

The Educational Technology and Innovation Center is set to have a makerspace, study pods, virtual reality technology, and more, all providing access to new ways of discovering concepts. Using creativity and unique materials, students from all divisions participated in the Cardboard Challenge creating things like a windmill, unicorn, dollhouse, pirate ship, Pacman, elevator, space shuttle, Bell Tower, Eagle, and more.

“The Cardboard Challenge was a fun way to get families talking about the Innovation Center and show that innovation and creativity go hand in hand,” said Director of Events and Cardboard Challenge Host Kalena Meyers.

After thoughtful deliberation with a panel of judges, the winners were selected. With the best overall creation, fifth-grade student Ella Drawdy created a Ferris Wheel. Kindergarten student Zoey Demarest built a dollhouse and won, representing PreK through first grade. Creating an elevator, second-grade student Aubrey Hogan won for the second through third-grade group. Representing the fourth and fifth-grade group, Talei Price and Journey Jones won with their Eagle. A horse barn won sixth-grade student Ella Demarest a prize for the Middle School division. Finally, Abigail Ryan, Leah Guerard, and Natalie Babinski created a windmill to earn first place in the Upper School division.

Thank you to all of the participants, and we can’t wait to welcome your creations into the Educational Technology and Innovation Center.

Cardboard Challenge Participants