Congratulations to Montverde Academy’s 111th Graduating Class

Montverde Academy is proud to have graduated 200 students during our 111th Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 18, 2024. These Eagles represented 37 different countries and were accepted to top-ranked colleges like Baylor University; Cornell University; CUNY School of Medicine; Davidson College; Duke University; Emory University; Florida State University; Macalester College; Michigan State University; Northeastern University; Purdue University; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Rutgers University; The Ohio State University; Wake Forest University; University of California, Davis; University of Florida; University of Georgia; University of Maryland; College Park; University of South Florida; Virginia Tech; and many others.

The Class of 2024 was offered $5.5 million in academic scholarships. The graduating class had 40 Distinguished Scholars and 34 Cum Laude Society inductees, including the valedictorian and salutatorian.

Salutatorian Anabelle Munoz and Valedictorian Madeline Xie both delivered incredible addresses at Commencement where they gave honor to those who have contributed to their success.

Anabella Munoz is from Orlando, Florida, and has been a student at Montverde Academy since the fifth grade. Anabella has a 4.49 GPA and has completed 14 Advanced Placement courses. Anabella is an AP Scholar with honor and received both the National Hispanic Recognition Award and the National Rural and Small-Town Recognition Award from the College Board for her achievements. Anabella has been a member of the STEM SAC program in biomedical sciences since her ninth-grade year, completing her APEX project investigating the effectiveness of stress-reduction techniques. At the start of her sophomore year, she began work to open a Lifestyle Medicine Club at Montverde Academy. She intends to continue her study of biomedical sciences at Cornell University in the fall, majoring in cognitive science.

In her salutatory address, Anabella shared a lesson passed down to her from her father: “When I first came to Montverde in the fifth grade, I was welcomed by a community that inspired students to become the best version of themselves in and out of the classroom….As a new student, I saw what made Montverde Academy so special when the warmth and kindness of my peers embraced me. I had begun to realize I was a bit behind in the mathematics department as it had never quite been my robust suit. However, I soon decided to do everything possible to excel in math and be part of the advanced class. From then on began what seems to be a universal experience of sitting on the kitchen counter with my father, attempting to understand a few math problems and possibly shedding a tear or two. The math problems to this day are a simple blur, but what I do remember are the constant words of my father who would repeat, “There’s always a solution.” Eventually, Mr. Delmolino, who served as a pillar of the MVA community an in my life, gave me the chance to take a leap at the advanced math class. Seven years later, I couldn’t have been more grateful for MVA believing in me and allowing me to discover my love for math and science, forming my passion for pursuing the medical field. Since then, I have learned that my father’s words, “There’s always a solution,” apply not only to fifth grade math but also to every aspect of life.” …I share this anecdote to show you all that even though I was named Salutatorian, I was not born with some incredible intellectual talent. Instead, I cultivated both drive and determination to stand before you today. I’ve learned to seek the challenges, embrace them, and enjoy the journey of perseverance and resilience.”

Madeline Xie is from Shenzhen, China, and has been a student at Montverde Academy since the sixth grade. Madeline has a 4.58 GPA and has completed 12 Advanced Placement courses. In her AP classes on the College Board five-point scale, Madeline has earned all fives and one four for a 4.8 average on her AP exams. As a result, she has earned the AP Scholar with Distinction status. Madeline is a boarder at the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) where she has served as the longest running student-captain. Madeline founded an organization, Global Social Entrepreneurship and Partnership Program, and has started writing a book. She will continue her education at UCLA to pursue political science and economics.

In her valedictory address, she thanked her parents for their trust and sacrifice: “When I was ten years old, I declared my ambition to move to the U.S. from China, believe that my life held more possibilities here and that I could live a life fueled by passion rather than a preset narrative. At the time, I was spoiled: an only child. My parents were, of course, very shocked to hear my request. Yet they respected my choice and set me on the journey to Montverde. Looking back on this now, I’m still amazed by their courage in sending their young daughter across the globe. Without them, I would never have had the opportunity to stand here before all of you today. I have studied at MVA for seven years. Undoubtedly, this place has had a profound impact on me. Montverde offers a remarkable variety of courses, providing students with the freedom to explore. Who would ever thing that it is here that I surprisingly experienced the educational philosophy of Confucius: Adapt to the individual; teach according to their talents…. Standing here as the valedictorian, some may be curious about how I achieved this honor. I can summarize it in one sentence, which also reflects what I see in all of you: My passion is my strength. Believe it or not, I’m not the conventionally smart student you might think—I don’t have a photographic memory or encyclopedic knowledge. Instead, my love for international politics led to my success.”

Congratulations to our 111th graduating class and newly appointed Montverde Academy alumni!