Congratulations to Montverde Academy’s 110th Graduating Class!

Montverde Academy is proud to have graduated 218 students during our 110th Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 13, 2023. These Eagles represented 40 different countries and were accepted to top-ranked colleges like the University of Chicago; Duke University; Northwestern University; Rice University; Washington University in St. Louis; Cornell University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles; Carnegie Mellon University; Emory University; Georgetown University; New York University; University of Southern California; University of Virginia; University of Florida, Honors; Wake Forest University; Tufts University; Amherst College; and many others.

The Class of 2023 was offered 17.4 million dollars in academic scholarships, and 52 percent of our seniors received academic merit scholarships. The graduating class had 42 Distinguished Scholars and 39 Cum Laude Society inductees, including the valedictorian and salutatorian.

Valedictorian Trevor Scott Turnquist and Salutatorian Siddhartha Somani both delivered incredible addresses at Commencement where they gave honor to those who have contributed to their success.

Trevor Turnquist is from Clermont, Florida, and started Montverde Academy when he was in kindergarten. He graduated with a 4.51 GPA and completed 13 Advanced Placement courses. Trevor took 31 courses throughout his tenure in the Upper School, earned an A in each of his courses, and scored a 1550 on his SAT, all while being a member of the Lacrosse Team the past two years. He was a Distinguished Scholar, a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Science Honor Society, a commended National Merit Scholar, and an AP Scholar with Distinction. Trevor was the President of the MVA Honor Council and the Head of School Advisory Council. He serves as a Youth Ambassador for the Tourette’s Association of America.

In his valedictory address, Trevor shared a lesson passed down to him from his father: “Have you ever walked past a fruit tree when you’re hungry and thought to grab a piece of fruit? Your first thought might be to reach for the lowest piece, the one that is the easiest to reach. However, on closer inspection, you notice the scratches and bruises from humans and animals trying to get it. Then, you look up the tree and notice a fresh, unharmed piece at the top, but it requires a climb to get to. Do you put in the effort and take the risk for the better fruit, or do you go for the one that is easy to get to?” This lesson will certainly resonate with the Class of 2023 for years to come.

Siddhartha Somani is from Bangalore, India, and has been a student at Montverde Academy since the eighth grade. He graduated with a 4.51 GPA and has completed 10 Advanced Placement courses and achieved an average score of 4.7 in his AP classes, along with an SAT score of 1550. Sid took 27 academic classes during his tenure in the Upper School at Montverde Academy and has achieved A’s in each of these courses, along with maintaining A’s at the University of California Santa Cruz in summer classes. Additionally, he has been enrolled in courses at Stanford University where he earned a 100% in his Machine Learning Course. Sid is a published researcher, and his article on “How Are Recent Advances in Society Perceived by Society?” was published earlier this year by North Asian International Research Journal of Science, Engineering, and IT. He is a Distinguished Scholar, a member of the National Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, and serves as a captain at the International Junior Golf Academy. He serves as a Volunteer at First Tee where he mentors underprivileged children. Sid will be attending Georgia Institute of Technology where he will major in computer science and computer electrical engineering.

In his salutatory address, Sid recalled an incredible scene from his memory at Lamma Island that he shared with the graduating class: “I recall a specific instance on that beach where time itself seemed to stand still. I was standing on the shoreline as my feet sunk in the damp sand. I glanced to my left and gazed upon a group of maroon rock ledges as an array of waves crashed upon them. Entranced by their seamless elegance, I plodded towards the ledges, and as I drew closer, I noticed that the sides facing the water had been polished clean…The waves that crash down upon the ledges serve as a reminder that life beyond high school will not always be smooth sailing, but that the challenges that we face can help us become stronger, more resilient, and ultimately more polished versions of ourselves.” The beautiful imagery that Sid shared with the graduating class will definitely serve as a constant reminder not only of their resilience but also of their ability to come out of adversity even stronger than they were before.

Congratulations to our 110th graduating class and newly appointed Montverde Academy alumni!