Ava Taylor Wins Best of Show in Montverde Day Poster Contest

Each year, students in grades 1-5 design a poster to be featured at the art exhibit at the Montverde Day Carnival & Music Festival hosted by the Town of Montverde. First-, second-, and third-place winners are selected from each teacher’s class. And then an overall winner is selected for the Best of Show. 

Ava Taylor, a 4th-grade student in Mr. Hand’s class, won Best of Show this year for her painting of an apple orchard. Congratulations to Ava; to the students who placed first, second, and third from each class; and to all students who participated in the poster contest. 

Below are the winners from each class: 

1st Grade
Mrs. Cook’s Class
1st Place: Micah Llamas
2nd Place: Aditi Rathore
3rd Place: Noah Alves

Mrs. Garland’s Class
1st Place: Caelyn Clarke
2nd Place: Gabriel Boccia
3rd Place: David Ruisi

2nd Grade
Ms. McDaniel’s Class
1st Place: River Napoles
2nd Place: Francisca Vergara
3rd Place: Kyra El-Bacha

Mrs. Crawford’s Class 
1st Place: Zoey Demarest
2nd Place: Linda Engel
3rd Place: Blaze Poss

3rd Grade
Mrs. Tannehill’s Class 
1st Place: Savannah Webb
2nd Place: Timur Metov
3rd Place: Osagie Yisa-Salami

Mrs. Tomlinson’s Class 
1st Place: Shepard Scelfo
2nd Place: Annabell Wojnowski
3rd Place: Aleyah Mitchell

4th Grade
Mrs. Schield’s Class 
1st Place: Payson Bedard
2nd Place: Avinash Varma
3rd Place: Brynn Rojas

Mr. Hand’s Class 
1st Place: Audrey Hogan
2nd Place: Anika Pitolwala
3rd Place: Tess Zegan

5th Grade
Mrs. Meder’s Class 
1st Place: Addison Vogel
2nd Place: Callan Matthews
3rd Place: Anaisha McDowell

Mrs. Bartley’s Class
1stPlace: Victoria Jean-Marius
2nd Place: Anika Gupta
3rd Place: Olivia Coughenor