A Night to Remember at Prom 2024’s Masquerade Ball at Disney’s Epcot

By Margaret Price, Assistant Dean of Students for Multiculturalism, Leadership, and Student Programs

Watching our students walk toward their Prom 2024 venue at Disney’s Epcot was an incredible experience. The evening was beautiful, and students took full advantage as they stopped to take photos.

Inside the majestic venue, students savored the Italian menu items, and the DJ did a wonderful job playing music that a young international audience would certainly enjoy. Soon the DJ announced that two special guests had arrived, and the spotlight moved over to Mickey and Minnie as the students screamed and ran toward them to line up for a photo.

As a tribute to Disney, MVA’s Theatre Conservatory performed “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” from the movie “Hercules.” The song was organized by Javier Lopez and was performed by Sydney Francis, Arianna Parilla, and Amelie Jamie.

Arianna Parilla, Sydney Francis, & Amelie Jamie
performing “I Won’t Say I’m in Love”

Cooper Flagg and Lola Ressler were crowned the Prom 2024 King and Queen, and they danced to “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, the icing on the cake to a truly perfect evening.

Prom King & Queen
Cooper Flagg & Lola Ressler

At 11 p.m., students walked through Epcot with their friends. Seeing the Eiffel Tower and Spaceship Earth changing colors in the beautiful nightlight was unforgettable. Students who came out at just the right time were able to see the full, magical fireworks display!

“I wasn’t going to go to the prom, but I’m glad I did because I had so much fun,” said senior Vivian Iwuchukwu. “ The DJ did a good job. I was on the dance floor and really liked that he played Afrobeats. I was so surprised and happy that the other students enjoyed those sounds.”