2022 Senior Retreat: A Time of Fun and Giving Back to the Community

By Isabella Salvatori, ’23

The Class of 2023 began their busy senior retreat weekend on Friday, September 16. The retreat, an annual event that takes place early in the school year, celebrates the start of a new class and kicks off seniors’ final year before graduation.

Seniors enjoyed many activities throughout the weekend, beginning with a breakfast on Friday morning located in the cafeteria. After breakfast, a discussion was held in the auditorium regarding many important events that will take place this year, including the senior hoodie design, prom theme and graduation details. In the afternoon, seniors traveled together to Fun Spot for the night. Though the rain cut day one short, there were more activities planned for Saturday. Students were split into teams, assigned to build bikes and write handwritten letters for identified youth. The highly-anticipated bike race was held in the center of campus in order to test each bike’s stability. Once the race concluded, students traveled to the local Island H2O Water Park. Seniors enjoyed all of the park attractions before the storms hit again.

Even with the untimeliness of the rain, seniors still had another day added to extend time to paint their parking spaces. On Sunday, seniors who wished to paint their spaces returned to do so and adorned the parking lot with their individual designs. The senior retreat is an event that many look forward to as an opportunity to further their bond with their class and administrators outside of the classroom.