Two MVA Students Create STEAM Program

Two MVA Students Create STEAM Program

While some students are relaxing now that summer has arrived and school is officially done for the 2020-19 year, Krishna Patel, a junior, and Shivani Patel, a sophomore, pursued their interest in STEAM and created a curriculum to inspire girls’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. STEAM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

“As many kids are still quarantined at home, my cousin, Shivani, and I created a free, online STEAM-based summer program for second, third and fourth-grade girls,” said Krishna Patel, a junior at MVA. “We are passionate about the STEAM field. We planned out fun experiments and projects that can be done at home through live Zoom meetings and using simple household items. We will lead students through these activities, explain the science behind them and focus on female-lead contributions to science.”

The four-week program runs from July 13-August 7, during which Krishna and Shivani have planned various fun, easy STEAM projects. Hands-on activities will include doing simple science experiments, like building a volcano, to expose them to science labs; engineering challenges, and art projects such as making a catapult, improving creative and logical thinking skills; and coding activities to introduce technology. Their website outlines each activity and materials needed. Students will tune in for live Zoom meetings where Krishna and Shivani will walk through the projects while explaining the science, asking questions, inviting students to share thoughts and stories, and telling jokes to keep it fun.

“Our goal is to inspire young girls to go into the STEAM field by showing them how fun and exciting the field can be!” said Shivani. “A Microsoft study has shown that exposing girls to female role models, starting at a young age, and having encouraging parents can significantly impact a young girl’s choice to pursue STEAM-related majors. We hope this experience will also allow them to interact with new people and have some fun from home.”

Both young ladies intend to pursue an education in the STEM field. Krishna is interested in learning about computer science, space exploration, and chemistry, fields which she sees as constantly evolving which will keep her looking toward the future. Shivani enjoys learning about biology and technology and would like to pursue how both can be combined to change lives.

“We wish Krishna and Shivani much success in this endeavor,” said Mr. David Bernatavitz, Montverde Academy Dean of the Upper School. “We are proud that Krishna and Shivani have taken the initiative to create a program that furthers their passion for STEAM, and shares it with other young girls to inspire interest in this important area.”

Parents and students interested in participating can find more information and register for the Steam 4 Girls program at