Students Enjoy Supporting Local Restaurants

Written by Shristi Tandon

A new favorite freedom the MVA students have acquired in this 2020-2021 school year is the ability to eat at the restaurants around campus. During a student’s designated lunch period, they are free to eat at restaurants on campus including Black Bear Kitchen, Cal’s Kitchen, Coffee Shop of Horrors, Orange Blossom Candies and Cream, and Willie’s BBQ. In times of COVID-19 and uncertainty with returning to school this semester, many of the Upper School students are enjoying this and other freedoms to start focusing on something more exciting than the pandemic.

Many students had very delighted responses when asked their feelings about the new additions to our campus. “The mom and the daughter who run Orange Blossom Candies and Cream are really nice, and I love talking to them while I get my ice cream. My favorite flavor is their bananas foster because ice cream shops never have a banana flavored ice cream,” said Leah Guerard, sophomore. Day students can only leave during lunch, but boarding students have the option to eat out for all meals.

The boarding students have also responded responsibly and delightedly to their new freedom. “I think the restaurants opening up really helped the boarders’ experience this year,” said Ava Campione, junior boarding student. “Because of everything going on, our trips are very limited this year, but this is a great way for the boarder’s to have a little fun and go out safety!”

Overall the new ability to eat out safely on campus has become a very popular pastime for MVA students.