NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Information for College Bound Student-Athletes

At Montverde Academy, student-athletes who are interested in playing collegiate athletics must work both in the classroom and on the field or the court. Students must not only qualify athletically for recruitment onto a college or university team; they must also qualify academically.

One of the prevailing myths is that there are full-ride scholarships for everyone. Having excellent grades can lead to potential academic scholarships to assist when a student gets a partial athletic scholarship.

In order to play Division I or Division II college athletics, high school students must meet first-year eligibility requirements. The NCAA is the organization that determines if a student meets the eligibility criteria. Students become eligible if they meet the standards set forth in the following areas: high school academic record (approved courses and GPA), ACT/SAT scores, and qualify as an amateur. Students who wish to participate in Division I or II athletics should prepare to meet eligibility requirements as they begin high school, and should register online at the NCAA Eligibility Center during junior year of high school.

Below are some links to websites and documents, which will provide you with a great deal of information. Please do not feel like you need to become an expert. Montverde Academy is unique in that college placement, athletic coaches, and the Dean of External Program Development work closely together as a team to help your student-athlete move toward success at the next level.

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