Lake County Fire Department Visits the Lower School

Lake County Fire Department Visits the Lower School

Lower School students’ shrieks of delight could be heard across campus as they each had a turn with Firefighter Don to launch water from the firehose across the playground during Safety Day. Pre-K3 through first grade students took turns experiencing the powerful jet of water as they pulled the lever to release the full force of water from the hose. And then screamed with mock fright when Firefighter Don joked that they might be drenched with a rogue squirt from the hose.

Before going outside to check out the fire truck and equipment, the Lake County Fire Department staff gave a presentation to the classes about fire safety at home. Students discussed when, why and how to call 911. The firefighters showed students all of the safety gear a firefighter wears and then got suited up to lessen any fear students had of how a firefighter would be dressed.

Students enjoyed getting into the act with the Stop, Drop and Roll activity, practicing the actions of doing the Stop, Drop and Roll that can be life-saving if your clothing is on fire. Also discussed was the importance of having a family meeting place outside of the home if there is a fire.

The classes then go a full tour of the fire truck with Firefighter Don explaining all of the gear and how it is used during the different emergencies that the Fire Department responds to.

To round out Safety Day, each class selected and read books about fire safety and continues the discussions of the different ways we can be safe at school, like having fire drills to practice, to sharing what they have learned with their families.

A big thank you to the Lake County Fire Department and their staff for taking the time to visit MVA!