Casual for a Cause

Ava Babington and Alyssa Ceron, Middle School students in the eighth-grade Leadership and Service Learning class, have designed, planned and are executing a year-long service project they have cleverly called ‘Casual for a Cause.’ Each month, students make a donation for the opportunity to dress down for a day. The funds raised by this day are then donated to various in-house, local or state charities.

The students have hosted three events, raising more than $600 for Protect MVA and the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation organization. For the third Casual Day, students enjoyed wearing holiday pajamas so much, it was the most successful day so far, raising $684, which will support Protect MVA and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orlando.

“Alyssa and I have learned many things by doing this project,” said Ava. “We’ve seen that students love having a day to express themselves out of their everyday uniform, and we’ve also learned how enthusiastic and inspired our fellow students and teachers are to helping those in need. It’s driven us to work harder and come up with new ideas. We feel strongly that it’s important to give back to our community because not everyone is as fortunate and privileged as we are. Alyssa and I both want to bring a little bit of improvement and positivity into someone else’s life. I’ve always been devoted to changing the world into a kinder and more supportive place, and LSL has taught me how to truly put that strength of mine to work. This class and Mrs. Fagan have tremendously helped embrace the best in us.”

“Starting this initiative in the Middle School and taking the LSL Class has helped us grow into better leaders and people,” said Alyssa. “One important thing I’ve learned from the Leadership and Service Learning is that there are so many areas of need, and I want to help all of them. I’m committed to helping others and making a difference in people’s lives.”

We are inspired by the generosity of our students and staff and the service hearts of our Leadership students.