Annual Spelling Bee Competition

The Lower and Middle School annual Spelling Bee boasted ten very competitive students from fourth through eighth grade. To earn a spot to compete on stage in the auditorium before an audience of peers, there were initial spelling bees in the five grades to have a representative from each class. Another elimination round was hosted to narrow the field to two students from each grade level.

The ten competitors were fourth-grade students Ella Demarest and Corbin Huynh; fifth-grade students Noor Cheema and Carine Hayes; sixth-grade students Sara Echavarria and Alexa Fricker; seventh-grade students Zoha Bajwa and Gabby Gordon; and eighth-grade Elizabeth Crosley and Hannah Lindberg.

The competition was fierce with the words being spelling increasing in complexity with each round. The competitors worked hard with many remaining until Round 10, when only four competitors, Alex, Hannah, Noor, and Zoha, remained. Words such as crossbow, chickpea, prosper, and folklorist took out competitors.

The final round came down to Hannah and Zoha, with Hannah spelling librarian for the win. The final standing was Hannah Lindberg, eighth-grade student in first place; Zoha Bajwa seventh-grade student in second place; and Alexa Fricker, sixth-grade student placing third.

Congratulations to all of our super spellers!