Visual Arts

Visual Art students participate in a range of academic and extracurricular activities regarding the study and making of art. In class, students investigate concepts and apply critical thinking and creative problem solving in their individual artistic explorations. MVA art students are exposed to a variety of materials, art making techniques, and historical, cultural, and contemporary artists and art practices. Throughout the semester, students gain a better understanding of self-expression, the roles art plays in everyday life, and become visually literate.

Outside of the classroom setting VPA and National Art Honor Society students meet on a weekly basis to combine their creativity and passion for art in an effort to bring our community together through art making experiences. Students host several events throughout the year both on and off campus.

Advanced art students and Advanced Placement Art History students attend an annual field trip to one of several nearby art museums. Every March, VPA and National Art Honor Society students host a campus wide art show that both celebrates Youth Art Month as well as displays our school’s talent as part of our Fine Arts Festival. Various art making experiences are offered by art students for community members to participate in and visiting artists come to further educate our students on special techniques and their individual art making practices. Upper school VPA and NAHS students have an “art buddy” program with our Lower School art students.

The art facilities at Montverde are growing and changing as the school adjusts to meet the needs of students.  The lower school art room offers dedicated space for students to embark on artistic endeavors.  With up-to-date Mimio projection technology, young students are given the chance to explore, create, and edit their original art electronically and share it with their classmates.  In the upper school, Mimio is also an important part of the curriculum as students learn to mix traditional art techniques with modern technology.  However, in art, old techniques are rarely discarded as new ones are added so Montverde is excited to still have a large dark room and  a thriving traditional photography course as well as digital photos and manipulation.  A dedicated pottery classroom with wheels for throwing clay and a kiln for firing ceramic projects is in an adjacent space with room as well for textiles and crafts.

Students who are avid amateur artists or who are planning on a career in art may choose to be in the SAC VPA/Art diploma program. Students in this program take a rigorous 4 year curriculum that lifts them to the top level of high school visual artists.  At graduation they have earned a special diploma that signifies their extra efforts and accomplishments in visual arts and a special dossier of their high school art career is sent to every college for which they apply.  Montverde understands that colleges are becoming more and more selective about the students they accept and we know that this diploma program is a strong advocate of recognition on the student’s behalf.