Montverde Academy Music Conservatory

The Montverde Academy Music Conservatory’s motto is “Love Music, Appreciate Music, Make Music.” Our mission is to broaden student’s understanding of the varied and wondrous offerings that are in the arts and to encourage young artists to create their own art, music, and theatre. It is through this creative process that we deepen their appreciation and build an emotional love of the arts that lasts a lifetime. As our headmaster, Dr. Kasey C. Kesselring explains, “I enjoy learning, and sports are exciting, but the arts are my passion.” For over a century, Montverde Academy has offered considerable advantages to parents and students seeking the highest quality education for entrance into the world’s elite colleges and universities.

At the heart of the Montverde Academy experience is an engaging and challenging academic environment that gives students the desire and skills to achieve at the highest levels. Outside of the classroom, students continue to develop their talents and abilities through involvement in fine arts, athletics, school clubs, and service organizations. Our international character adds an exciting dimension to our community and the educational experience we provide. At the Montverde Academy Music Conservatory, students are educated, refined, and prepared for the next level in their music career with a balance of academics and fine arts.

Audition Dates for the 2016-2017 School Year

Auditions are held in the fall and the spring.  Our dates for the year are:

  • Monday, November 7 – beginning at 4:15 p.m. (View Flyer)
  • Saturday, April 29th – beginning at 11:00 a.m.
  • Friday, May 26th – beginning at 4:15 p.m.

Auditions can be scheduled by completing the audition form online. Please note that we cannot hear any student’s audition until we receive a completed admissions application which is separate from the audition application.  Please contact the admissions department to begin your school application.  Once we receive both completed applications you will be contacted to set an audition date and time.

How to Audition

Vocalists – Prepare one memorized art song or aria in English or in a foreign language. Pop or musical theatre selections are not acceptable audition pieces. Prospective students will also be asked to sight sing a short passage and repeat back short ear training exercises.

Pianists – All major and harmonic minor scales, hands together, two octaves in parallel motion should be prepared. Two pieces of contrasting characters chosen from the standard piano repertoire are also required.

Strings – Two contrasting selections from the classical repertory or standard contest-type solos, which best display your technical and musical accomplishments are to be performed. All students will need to demonstrate sight reading skills on their instrument. Please audition in appropriate attire: smart business wear for both men and women. Please call in advance and let us know if you need a piano accompanist. Bring well marked copies of your music to the audition. A 20-minute rehearsal with your accompanist prior to your audition will be scheduled as well. You may bring your own accompanist if you prefer.

To download a view book for the conservatory click here.


This scholarship is offered to prospective students entering grades 7 – 12 and applying to Montverde Academy Music Conservatory for the next school year. Eligibility is based upon:

  • an admission application including SSAT test scores, teacher recommendations, transcripts and an on-campus interview.
  • demonstrated musical achievement through a live audition
  • citizenship and leadership potential.
  • financial need based on the School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS).

Application Process
Write a letter of interest for the Music Conservatory Scholarship Program to the Director of the Music Conservatory stating why you should be considered and what a Montverde Academy Music Conservatory education would mean to you. Complete the application process at least 7 days prior to the live audition date, including the submission of teacher recommendations, school transcripts, SSAT admission testing, and an on-campus interview. Applicants must complete the regular financial aid application process as well so that need based financial aid packages can be determined concurrently. Without a completed financial aid application, students will not be considered for the Music Conservatory Scholarship Program.

The Admission Committee and Music Conservatory Faculty will begin to review all Music Conservatory Scholarship applicants after each audition date. Recipients will be notified by as decisions are made. If you are interested in the Montverde Academy Music Conservatory Scholarship Program or have any questions, please contact Elena Neff in the Admission Office at (407) 469-2561 ext. 4103 or elena.neff@montverde.org.