Media Arts

The Montverde Academy Media Arts Program offers young creative minds the opportunity to explore film and video production, video journalism, as well as broadcast journalism with its diverse offering of classes. State-of-the-art facilities at Montverde Academy engage students in a technology-rich environment with the latest software in its Mac computer lab and professional HD broadcast television studio. HD broadcast field cameras also allow students to capture and stream (montverde.tv) sports and events around MVA’s campus.

With its weekly “MVA Today” news show, students thrive in a “real world” working broadcast news environment complete with story development, scriptwriting, reporting, and regular deadlines. In film and television production, digital video editing, and video journalism classes, students have the chance to get an overview and understanding of storytelling and other techniques to build skills that encompass industry standards. Each of these classes requires imagination, creativity, and participation to succeed. Also team building, problem solving, and creative expression are always encouraged while constructive criticism and learning from classmates’ work is emphasized.

The faculty of Montverde Academy’s Media Arts Department is comprised of former and current industry professionals that not only educate students, but also inspire them. Throughout the school year students get the opportunity to take virtual field trips and participate in video-conferences with industry professionals and working broadcast organizations. The Montverde Academy Media Arts Program gives its students the tools to excel in the creative media arts and knowledge to communicate passionately.