Process for Purchase Orders

Purchase Order:

Why is a purchase order is used?

This is a sales contract between buyer and seller detailing the exact merchandise or services to be ordered/performed from vendor. It specifies item identifications, quantities, and shipping costs. Your purchase order must contain the following:

  • PO number – given by the requester (you) Ex: LS080314 this must be your initials or your division’s initials LS, MS, US followed by the date (YYMMDD) the order is being placed or sequence of your preference. The Business Office will use this to keep track of all orders.
  • Billing Address
  • A list of products with quantities and price
  • Item number
  • Shipping Cost
  • Time frame of when needed


Purchase Requisition:

What is a purchase requisition?

A request for approval to proceed with an order for goods and/or services. This will notify the Business Office Purchasing Department of items that need to be ordered, quantity, and time frame in which you will need those items. Purchase orders need to be sent via email to your Department Head.

  • Lower School – Meristell Shackelford
  • Middle School – Warren Delmolino
  • Upper School – Troy Urquhart
  • Dormitories and Student Affairs – Jerry Matos
  • Alumni / Development – Chris Mitchell
  • Publications – Ginny Holm
  • Athletic Dept. – Denarvise Thornton
    • Nevare Zimmerman (Girl’s Athletics)
    • Mike Potempa (SIMA)
    • Kevin Boyle (CBD)
  • Fine Arts – Aubrey Connelly
  • Music Conservatory – Aubrey Connelly
  • Audio/Visual – Steve Gilbert

Department Heads need to send the approval (PO with PDF signature) to Mr. Long. This year we are going to establish the PDF signature in the PO’s. If you any question about how to create your PDF signature please feel free to contact Dane Aboushaba.

NOTE: Items to be paid for using a credit card must state this on the Purchase Order.


Business Office Processing and Approval:

Once you have received approval from your Department Head:

  • Turn in all necessary documents to the Business Office. (If applicable)
  • All paperwork will be reviewed by the Business Manager and the Purchasing Agent.
  • Once your request is approved, you will receive a scanned copy for your files. The Purchasing Agent will look up for the product at the best price and place the order.
  • After you receive the order, please bring the packing slip to the Business Office. (If applicable)


Invoice/Packing Receipt:

Why the Business Office must have an Invoice/Packing receipt?

  • This acknowledges the “receipt” of goods and/or services is complete.
  • Packing slips are required to match the invoice information as well as the purchase order regarding quantity and price.
  • The Invoice receipt serves as a formal request for payment by the vendor for whom the goods and/or services was delivered.
  • Based on the purchase order, a supplier will fill the order, send the merchandise, and bill Montverde Academy with an invoice.

All invoices/packing slips should be emailed or dropped off to Jessica Santos (jessica.santos@montverde.org). This is to ensure the school is paying for only those goods and services properly ordered, authorized, and received. Accounts Payable will not process any payments until confirmation of received goods is verified.


Download the Purchase Order: