FullSizeRenderOn Thursday, February 9th, the Business, Finance, and Management Study Area Concentration, under the direction of Economics teacher Mr. Lance Walsworth, began their spring schedule of guest speakers by hosting W. Greg Holden, Vice President/Client Consultant from Manning & Napier Investment Advisors, LLC, in St. Petersburg. Mr. Holden has over 15 years’ experience on both sides of the balance sheet and currently advises institutional and individual investors throughout the state of Florida.

During his time on campus, Mr. Holden talked to students about beginning their practice of investing early, evaluating risks and rewards, and how to assess strengths and weaknesses of possible investments. He also gave an overview of understanding the impact of our changing political and economic landscape on equities and bonds. Throughout the presentation, students engaged by posing questions on investing, entrepreneurship, and growing wealth. Afterward, students expressed their appreciation to Mr. Holden for taking time out to share this critical, real-life information with them as they continue on their own economic journeys.

FullSizeRender4As the 2017 Spring semester series continues, guest speakers will include Mr. Harold Mills, member of the Federal Reserve Advisory Board in Jacksonville, on February 22nd; Mr. John Moore, VP of Orlando Health, on March 1st; and Ms. Liefke Meyers, Orlando Economic Development Commission on March 31st. The Business, Finance, and Management students look forward to welcoming these respected community members to our campus.