roboticsleaguenewsThe Middle School Vex Robotics League teams have been working to develop and refine their STEM presentations for upcoming robotic competitions. To prepare for the state tournament, the club presented their STEM presentations to faculty, staff, and guests on Wednesday, January 25. The state competition theme is “Technology in our Community,” and all four teams put together presentations varying from healthcare, laundry automation, disaster robotics and more. The teams spoke in front of a panel of highly qualified judges from the Middle and Upper School divisions. They received support, encouragement and feedback on how to make their presentation even better, and the meeting created an exciting synergy between the Middle School and Upper School divisions, parents, and students.

Three of these teams have already qualified to go on to the State-level Vex robotics competition and have been recognized at the local level for their award-winning STEM presentations, teamwork, and overall excellence. They will be competing at the VexIQ State event in Tampa on February 18th. We wish them the best of luck!