Spelling Bee 2017 Winner Tyler Fricker (2)On Wednesday afternoon, January 18, Montverde Academy held their annual Spelling Bee for grades four, five, six, seven, and eight in the Sandra O. Stephens Auditorium. The Spelling Bee was moderated, judged, and scored by the Lower School administration and faculty. The contestants who qualified for the finals were the top two spellers at each grade level and were determined by a classroom competition.

The ten students who were on stage this year were very well prepared and it turned out to be the longest Spelling Bee in “rounds” and in “time” compared to all previous years. The final three contestants in the Bee were: Shay Ramlall (sixth-grade), Tyler Fricker (seventh-grade), and Akhil Patel (eighth-grade). Shay was first enrolled at MVA as a second-grade student; Tyler was first enrolled at MVA as a Pre-K student, and Akhil was first enrolled at Spelling Bee 2017 (3)-001MVA as a fourth-grade student. The competition was some of the best we have seen in years with Tyler Fricker winning the 2016-17 school year Spelling Bee. This was the second year in a row that Tyler has won the Bee and he will be representing the Academy in the Lake County Spelling Bee coming up a little later this semester. 

Congratulations to the winning students and all who participated!