img_0094On Friday October 14th, a beautiful day under blue skies, Mr. Narducci hosted his 5th annual Colonial Fair. Featuring students from the 7th grade Social Studies classes, projects were created and presented to the middle school community. The 7th grade social studies classes had been hard at work learning, researching, and applying knowledge of the 13 colonies to create real-estate style booths in order to “sell land” to “prospective buyers.” Students from other middle school classes came to participate by investing money (English pounds) in the colony of which they felt presented the best opportunities.

Colonial fair group members had to sell the idea of potential land opportunities highlighting characteristics of their colony in the areas of: climate and land, religion, demographics, cultural foods, and government. Students were required to provide a display, sample food item, creative marketing jingle, clothing, and brochures.

This year’s colonial fair continued the success seen by its predecessors and once again proved why this project is an annual favorite had by all!