mvaclassic1From Friday, September 30 to Saturday, October 1st, Montverde Academy hosted a twelve team tournament, inviting some of the top teams from the Central and South Florida regions to compete for the championship. The tournament format consisted of four separate courts with three teams playing round robin on Friday afternoon. Top teams came out of their pools into a Gold Bracket to play a single elimination format to try and reach the championship.

On Friday, East Ridge High School went undefeated in their pool taking down Windermere Prep and Gateway High School in straight sets. Steinbrenner High School also came out first in their pool defeating The Geneva School and South Lake High School both in deciding games. Tavares High School took first in their pool defeating Trinity Christian Academy and the Villages Charter School both in deciding sets. Our Montverde Academy Lady Eagles also took a first place on Friday defeating Cocoa Beach High School and South Sumter High School in straight sets with scores of 25-6, 25-14, 25-17, and 25-10.

This put Montverde Academy, Tavares High School, Steinbrenner High School, and East Ridge High School as top seeds going into the gold bracket, while Cocoa Beach High School, The Villages Charter School, The Geneva School, and Windermere Prep came into the gold bracket as lower seeded teams.

Saturday afternoon began the first round of gold bracket playoffs. At 2 p.m., MVA defeated The Villages Charter School, moving them into the semifinals, where they would meet up again with Cocoa Beach High School, after their defeat of Tavares High School. On the other side of the bracket, East Ridge knocked out The Geneva School, while Steinbrenner took Windermere Prep out of the running.

Semifinal matches were a grueling fight, but MVA came out on top of Cocoa Beach High School (25-7, 25-12), while East Ridge took Steinbrenner down with both scores being 25-20.

This put MVA and East Ridge into the finals, and for those who don’t know, there is history in this matchup. East Ridge had previous defeated MVA in the preseason scrimmage in three straight games. However, once the season started MVA took East Ridge to 5 sets and gave them their only loss of the season. East Ridge entered the MVA Classic with a record of 9-1, with their only loss being to Montverde Academy. They wanted payback. The finals were the perfect matchup for East Ridge to earn pack back, but Montverde Academy had a different idea. MVA came out strong, with server Mariana Volponi acing East Ridge outside hitter, and current Team USA member Stephanie Samedy. Mariana racked up 5 serves in a row before East Ridge was able to sideout. East Ridge came hard, but the MVA eagles weren’t backing down. The Eagles took the first set with a score of 25-18.

At the start of the second set, the atmosphere in “The Nest” was getting intense! It was all riding on this one single set. MVA jumped out with a 10-4 lead against East Ridge with stunner kills by MVA’ Jojo Brown, Kaeli Crews, and Beatriz Volponi. Defense became key as East Ridge’s big hitters came to the front line, but MVA’s Jessica Hamel didn’t blink, racking up 5 blocks to shut their offense down. The final score of the second set was 25-11, and Montverde Academy defended their reining title as the MVA Classic Champions! Way to go, Lady Eagles!

Stats for the weekend include:

Final finishes for each team:

1st Place               Montverde Academy                     5-0*       *GOLD BRACKET CHAMPIONS

2nd Place              East Ridge High School                   4-1

3rd Place               Steinbrenner High School             4-1

4th Place               Cocoa Beach High School              2-3

5th Place               Windermere Prep School              3-2**    **SILVER BRACKET CHAMPIONS

6th Place               The Villages Charter School          2-3

7th Place               The Geneva School                         2-3

8th Place               Tavares High School                        2-3

9th Place               Gateway High School                      3-2***  ***BRONZE BRACKET CHAMPIONS

10th Place             South Lake High School                  2-3

11th Place             South Sumter High School            1-4

12th Place             Trinity Christian Academy            0-5


All Tournament Team:

MVP                               Kaeli Crews

Kaeli Crews                         Montverde Academy

Alyssa Keller                       Montverde Academy

Mariana Volponi               Montverde Academy

Stephanie Samedy          East Ridge HS

Naomi Caballo                   East Ridge HS

Vanessa Orozco                Gateway HS

Ana Bolger                          Cocoa Beach HS

Jasmine Kimpel                 Tavares HS

Erin LeClair                          Steinbrenner HS

Natalie Work                      Windermere Prep

Sarah Marble                     The Geneva School

Shelby Hicks                       South Lake HS



Anelys Muriel                    29

Tristan Tucci                       29

Kaeli Crews                         24


Kaeli Crews                         35

Beatriz Volponi                 28


Kaeli Crews                         5

Jessica Hamel                     9


Anelys Muriel                    14

Savannah Swenson         12


Mariana Volponi               104