conference-1-img_2240-720x540Saturday, October 1 was another great day of athletic accomplishment for the Montverde Academy Aquatic swim program. MVA swimmers continue to demonstrate increased development and skill as the season progresses.

The team competed at the Mid-Florida Conference Championships against 19 Florida high school swim teams and 423 swimmers. The MVA’s Girls and Boys teams were the overall champions, with four new Mid-Florida Conference records and both teams capturing the first place championship team score. This is the first time in MVA history in which a boys team has won a division title in the Mid-Florida Conference.

Coach Arilson Champam said he couldn’t be happier about the team’s success. “We are very happy and proud of our swimmers’ results and we are overjoyed about winning the title. I am confident we will achieve great results this season as we have a very united team and a great family.” Way to go, Eagles!

MVA Varsity Swimmers at the Mid Florida Conference Championships:

The MVA swim team was represented by the following students: Anna Bach, Annabella Boardman, Alek Bredemeyer, Lauren Buddendorff, Celia Campbell, Thomas Cavacas, Joao Correia, Julia Fidelis Da Cruz, Chase DeJarnett, Lucas De Oliveira, Brady Estrada, Thiago Ferreira, Peter Kiernan, Julia Leitao, Arthur Rocha, Mayrangela Rodriguez, Kaitlyn Schorr, Emily Wissinger, Taylor Turnquist, Danielle Colon, Samanvitha Nomula, Isabella Paez, Brennan Maramatsu, Nicholas Cecchi, Lauren Kiernan, Grace Schorr, Kendall Lewin, Alexa Cecchi, Jaiden Muramatsu, Giulliana Perez, Amber Morgan,


Girls team score results:

1- Montverde Academy 531
2- Lake Minneola 301
3- Vanguard 198

Boys team score results:

  • Montverde Academy 356
  • West Port HS 348
  • Lake Minneola 265

New records of the Mid Florida Conference Championships:

  1. Celia Campbell, Annabella Boardman, Julia Fidelis, Giulliana Perez –  200 Medley Relay
  2. Katie Schorr –  50 Freestyle
  3. Thiago Ferreira, Joao Correia, Lucas Oliveira, Peter Kiernan –  Boys 200 Medley Relay
  4. Arthur Rocha, Lucas Oliveira, Thiago Ferreira, Peter Kiernan – Boys 400 Freestyle Relay