lorismithSocial media. These two little words have completely changed the world in just under a decade. While social media has opened up our communication and given people the chance to connect on a whole new level, it has a dangerous side that both parents and kids need to be aware of. Attorney and MVA parent Lori Smith is well aware of the dangers of social media.

Lori has been practicing law since 1995 and she primarily works with schools to help them write policy and keep kids safe from predators who may lurk on various social channels. Recently, Lori visited both parents and students at MVA to let them know how unwise choices they make now with social media can affect them in the future. “Social media is definitely fun, but it’s so important that kids realize that nothing ever goes away online,” Lori says, “It can follow them for a long time, if not forever, limiting future opportunities such as athletic recruiting, and even affect school enrollment.”

In her presentations to MVA students, Lori emphasizes this and other things, and she gives kids a list of top ten mistakes teens and tweens make on social media channels. She says the most important thing kids and parents can remember is to never give out personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers and emails, and to make your public accounts private so you only share with the people you want to see your account.

Lori hopes that through the presentations she gives at MVA, both parents and students will feel more comfortable in their use of social media. We can’t thank Lori enough for stopping by and educating us!