On Saturday, September 24, Montverde Academy vocal students participated in the Florida Vocal All-State Musicianship Exam. Students were give a written test which assessed their aural skills and their understanding of music theory and vocabulary.  They were also tested on their ability to sight read music. The students who passed the first round of the Florida Vocal All-State Musicianship test are:

Aiden Bjortvedt

Aidan Fracker

Sarah Sarver

Gabriel Seminitari

Aubrey Williams

In four weeks, these students will take the next phase of the exam which will test their their vocal quality and ability to harmonize. If they move on, they will be placed in an All-State Choir which meets in Tampa the third week of January.

Of special note are 8th graders Aiden Bjortvedt and Aidan Fracker and 11th grader Sarah Sarver who all earned remarkably high scores. Congratulations to all of the students who are moving on to the next round!