4434Recently, the Advanced Placement (AP) results for each school in the nation were released and our students did exceedingly well! They took a record number of AP exams and earned qualifying scores on over 300 of those exams. To Montverde Academy’s Lori Treweek however, this amazing accomplishment means so much more than just scores on a spreadsheet. Treweek teaches the Academy’s AP Psychology course and says the scores are a reflection of the dedication of her students. “It’s easy to be proud of my kids this year,” she said, “they did an excellent job of not only working and providing great discussion during their scheduled 45 minutes of mandatory time in class each day, but of putting in the time for extra reviews offered during club time, after school, and even Saturday mornings.”

Shortly after learning the AP scores, the College Board released the names of this year’s AP scholars. 54 Montverde Academy students made the list and Treweek isn’t surprised. She says their success is a combination of hard work and the Montverde Academy family. “Every part of Montverde Academy works to make our students as successful as possible,” she said. “From our administrators providing every resource needed, coaches encouraging athletes to miss practice for AP review, to our college guidance department setting up every detail of testing and providing snacks for each student. Montverde (Academy) is truly a special place that cares for their students like family!”

While we wholeheartedly agree that the perseverance of the AP students in Mrs. Treweek’s class combined with the support of the Montverde Academy family helped to propel these students to greatness, there’s no doubt that Mrs. Treweek’s love of her students and her unique teaching style played a part in helping them achieve greatness. Treweek was awarded the Upper School Teacher of the Year award last year for her relaxed, inviting, and understanding way of teaching and she is truly loved by her students.

Lauren Buddendorff, an AP Psychology award winner and Montverde Academy junior this coming year, says Mrs. Treweek’s support and the unique style of her class is what helped her pass the test with flying colors. “Mrs. Treweek engages her students in interesting and fun discussions about the course’s topics and finds a way to relate difficult concepts to our daily lives. For example, she uses mnemonic devices such as the peg word system to help us remember facts that we would otherwise easily forget,” she said. “At the end of the year, I was honored to be recognized for my understanding of the course, but I really owe it all to Mrs. Treweek!”

We couldn’t be prouder of Lori Treweek’s class and all of the Montverde Academy students who did well on their AP exams!