On May 24, 2016, Alia Rodriguez and Amber Morgan were invited to present at the monthly Kiwanis meeting.  Alia and Amber are both members of the Montverde Academy Middle School’s Builders Club.  Earlier in the year, a call was placed for students to participate in the annual essay and speech contest through Builders Club.  Alia composed an essay on leadership to submit and Amber created a speech on compassion.  The final essay and speech competed against other entries across the state of Florida. 

Montverde Academy’s Middle School was notified in April that Alia placed 1st place for her essay and Amber placed 1st with her speech.  This was an amazing accomplishment for both students and a honor for our club to be recognized throughout the state of Florida.  The girls were honored at the luncheon by the Kiwanis and learned that their respective speech and essay had progressed to international judging.  The MVA Middle School was ecstatic to learn that Amber’s speech came in 2nd place within the international competition and Alia’s essay received 2nd place in the international essay competition.  MVA Middle School teacher Rosemarie DeJarnett, the Builders Club advisor, shared the following, “…both Alia and Amber represent the core values at Montverde Academy.  They are both leaders within our school community, show excellent citizenship and excel in academics.” 

Students  Honored in Speech Contest 4     Students  Honored in Speech Contest 3

                        Alia Rodriguez                                                     Amber Morgan