Last month, Alexander LaPlante and Kevin McDonnell held two performances of the two man play, Red, as part of their VPA senior showcase.  These performances, combined with the rehearsal process, all technical aspects, an extensive production book, and Q&A sessions with the audience after both shows, helped Kevin and Alex meet the requirements to each earn the specialized Study Area Concentration diploma.

According to Mr. Adrian Wright-Ahern Red, written by John Logan, “…explores the complexity of the arts and captures the dynamic relationship between an artist and his creations.  The play focuses on Mark Rothko, known as the master abstract expressionist, as he is working on a series of murals for New York’s famed Four Seasons Restaurant.  Over the course of two years, Rothko works on the murals for the biggest commission in the history of modern art.  But when his young assistant, Ken, gains the confidence to challenge him, Rothko faces the agonizing possibility that his crowning achievement could also become his undoing.”

Red is also the recipient of 6 Tony Awards, 2 Drama League Awards, and 3 Drama Desk Award and serves as ” a searing portrait of an artist’s ambition and vulnerability as he tries to create a definitive work that asks you to feel the shape and texture of thoughts,” added Mr. Wright-Ahern.  Being their Senior Showcase, Kevin and Alex worked on all aspects of this production: from selecting the script, to blocking the show, set design, lighting, sound, costumes, props, and, of course, acting in the presentation. (Main-page photo, L-R: Kevin McDonnell, Mr. Mr. Adrian Wright-Ahern, Alexander LaPlante)

Red show poster