Last month the Florida District 6 String Instrument Solo and Ensemble Contest was held at Hinson Middle School, located in Daytona Beach, Florida.  This was the very first time MVA Music Conservatory String students had participated in this highly esteemed musical competition – but their overall scores were stellar! They received great results from their Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment: Montverde Academy had 9 students competing in multiple categories and earned a total of 1 score of Superior with Distinction (1st place with distinction), 8 scores of Superior (1st place) and 1 score of Excellent (2nd place).

According to Mr. Hanrich Claassen – cellist, conductor, and Montverde Academy Upper School Instrumental Music teacher – one of the judges remarked after being surprised by the performance ability of several of our less-experienced players, “There is definitely something going on at this school, are they putting something in the water or what?”

“Aside from their individual and collective achievements, I couldn’t have been more impressed by their positive attitude, conduct, and etiquette at the event.  It was a pleasure to present them for this adjudication.  They definitely made us proud and only enhanced the reputation of Montverde Academy Conservatory,” added Mr. Scott Knopf, MVA Upper School Instrumental Music teacher.

The Florida District 6 String Instrument Solo and Ensemble Contest rankings were as follows:

Large String Ensemble:

MVA Advanced Ensemble (Alex, Vanessa, Jade, Akash, Tavares, Ali, Maggie and Frances) – Superior

Conservatory String Quartet (Alex, Jade, Ali and Maggie) – Superior

Small String Ensemble:

Conservatory Violin Duo (Ava and Vanessa) – Superior

Conservatory Viola/Cello Duo (Tavares and Frances) – Superior

Instrumental Solo:

Maggie  Quebral (11) – Superior with distinction

Vanessa Mills (9) – Superior

Ali Banks-Mitchell (10) – Superior

Tavares Connelly-Candelario (9) – Superior

Alex Williams (12) – Excellent

Jade Zhao (12) – Superior

Solo Ensemble arriving to compete