On April 15-17, the Montverde Academy’s Upper School Model United Nations team (“EagleMUN”), through the guidance of MVA Upper School History teacher Robert Burke, competed in the 5th Annual University of Miami International Conference for the Simulation of the Model United Nations (MICSUN).  This was the third and final trip for EagleMUN this school year.  MICSUN was a very different conference compared to previous events EagleMUN has attended.  While topics remained serious and relevant to current global issues, the forum allowed students to explore their ingenuity and consider more creative solutions. 

Experienced member and vocal delegate Cahill Chen joined with first time delegate Silvano Krecklau to represent India in the Global Compact Committee where they discussed the issues of economic empowerment of women and youth, along with corporate responsibility and human rights.  Rookie delegates Renata Martins and John Zak pulled off a veteran performance representing Thailand in the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee where they helped draft resolutions concerning the protection of worker’s rights in a developing nation along with promoting peaceful, just, and inclusive societies.

Representing Thailand, returning delegate, Trevor Brown accompanied newcomer Hui Bui representing Norway in the highly competitive Committee of UN Industrial Development Organization where they tackled the issues of non-communicable diseases in Developing Nations and the global response to HIV/AIDS.  Yvonne Dong participated in the most challenging committee, Ad-Hoc.  Yvonne represented the North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un, in a fast-paced crisis environment filled with power-hungry and influential world leaders from the public and private sector.  For the remaining semester, the EagleMUN team will be creating an action plan to prepare for next year’s conferences and the future success of EagleMUN.

EagleMUN 2