With an impressive number of informative guest lecturers visiting our campus this school year, it’s been an especially enriching semester for Montverde Academy Upper School students enrolled in the Business and Financial Management (BFM) Study Area Concentration Concentration (SAC) program.  Last week, students participated in an interactive lecture and discussion with local attorney and sports agent, Mr.  Bret Jones.  Mr. Jones is a practicing attorney specializing in contract and business law.

Montverde Academy BFM students, under the direction of Mr. Lance Walsworth, Upper School Economics teacher, asked Mr. Jones a variety of questions relating to the nature of business formation, contract specificity, and the general importance of knowing the path one would want their business or endeavor to take when making an agreement or signing a contract.

During his presentation, Mr. Jones provided students with specific examples and personal experience answers to their questions.  In addition, he discussed the importance of maintaining high standards for one’s self and in the value of putting in hard work and effort to achieve success. Mr. Jones is the forth community participant in the group’s lecture and discussion series. The series is scheduled to conclude next month with a discussion led by South Lake Hospital President John Moore on the topic of corporate management.