On Saturday, February 20th, twelve Eagle powerlifters traveled to Oviedo, Florida, to compete in the 2016 APF Florida State Powerlifting Championships.  At issue were individual, team, school record, and state record challenges.  When the chalk dust had settled at the end of the day, eleven eagle lifters had won gold medals, one lifter had captured silver, six new state records had been established, six  Montverde Academy records had been broken, and the team had won the state team championship trophy!

Medals were won by: Nikhail Vishist (1-Open-114-FP),  Botao Dai (1-E-T16-17-123-FP), Jun Yang (1-E-T18-19-132-FP), Sung-Yueh Chang (1-E-T18-19-148-BP), Qinyi Wang (1-E-T18-19-165-BP), Michael Megler (1-E-T16-17-165-FP), John Zak (2-E-T16-17-165-FP), Tyler Fields (1-E-T13-15-181-FP), Jude Kinkead (1-E-T16-17-181-FP), Yudai Katsumata (1-CR-T16-17-220-FP), Alejandro Ruiz (1-E-T16-17-FP), and Eric Pauli (1-E-M55-59-BP).

State records were set by: Michael Megler in the E-T16-17-165 squat (418.9 lbs.), deadlift (512.6 lbs.), total (1196.0 lbs.) and Yudai Katsumata in the CR-T16-17-220 squat (418.9 lbs.), deadlift (429.9 lbs.), total (1096.8 lbs.).

Montverde Academy records were set by: Jun Yang in the 132-SQ (281.1 lbs.), Sung-Yueh Chang in the 148-BP (253.5 lbs.), Michael Megler in the 165-SQ (418.9 lbs.), 165-DL (512.6 lbs.), & 165-TOT (1096.0 lbs.), and Alejandro Ruiz in the 220-SQ (451.9 lbs.).

Michael Megler was the most outstanding MVA lifter at the States winning the much coveted Teen/Junior Best Lifter trophy.

The team is now diligently preparing for the APF Nationals in May where several eagle powerlifters plan on cap stoning the year by setting WPC world records at this prestigious event.