The Montverde Academy Upper School senior class will host this year’s Valentine’s Dance on Friday, February 12th.  The annual event will be a semi-formal and students have been asked to wear appropriate attire to the event: Gentleman are reminded that denim of any kind is not appropriate and that dress shoes, along with either a tie or a sport coat, are required.  If you have any questions about the dance, please contact one of the senior MVA class advisors Mrs. Lisa Presley and Mr. Jeff Wexler.” Some Upper School students will be missing this year’s Valentine’s Dance and be touring New Orleans, Louisiana, this weekend exploring how that city has impacted United States history.

The New Orleans group, led by Mr. Kyle Clapper Upper School History teacher, will visit various historical locations that will include the National World War II Museum, the Confederate Memorial Hall Museum, and the historic French Quarter.  Students will also tour Loyola University, as well as Tulane University, and visit the New Orleans Aquarium and the Audubon Zoo. 

Mr. Clapper recently informed, “Montverde Academy’s Upper School students will not only experience the wonderful culture of New Orleans, but its rich history as well.  Ranging from the French Quarter to historic War Museums students will not only witness history, but experience the emotion behind it.  The 17 students attending New Orleans trip, will smell, taste and touch the varying history which make of the treasured past of New Orleans.  It will be a wonderful and memorable trip full of discovery and appreciation.”