On Wednesday, January 20, 2016, during a special afternoon assembly, Montverde Academy held its 2016 Lower & Middle School Spelling Bee.  The annual academic event was presented inside the Sandra O. Stephens Fine Arts Auditorium. 

To communicate effectively through any language, writing, texting, or emails – one must “spell well.”  With MVA’s annual spelling bee, contestants (in grades 4th-8th grade) were required to correctly say, then spell, the word in question/selected by the spelling bee announcer.  Contestants had to then say the word once again to confirm they were finished with their spelling.  After one practice round, a series of competitive word-rounds followed – for a total of 12 rounds.  2016 contestants advanced to other rounds by not making any mistakes – until a winner was declared (person without any spelling errors).  

Montverde Academy 6th graders Layla Aziz and Tyler Fricker were left alone to compete in the 11th round.  But in the 12th round, after Layla misspelled her delegated word, Tyler Fricker was able to capture victory by spelling the word  “sympathy.” Tyler will represent Montverde Academy at the Lake County Spelling Bee being planned for spring.  The bee’s announcer was Lower School Dean Meristell Shackelford.  The judges were Mrs. Jayne Beucher, Assistant Dean of the Lower School, and Mrs. Stephanie DiNonno, Lower School 5th Grade teacher. 

The following students represented their respective grades (after winning their grade’s spelling bee) in the 2016 MVA Spelling Bee:

4th grade – Arav Patel and Muskaan Bisht
5th grade – Mazin Sadek and Shaylan Ramlall
6th grade – Layla Aziz and Tyler Fricker
7th grade – Peyton Boggs and Caitriona Fallon
8th grade – McKenzie Kauffman and Madelyn Moore