Montverde Academy provided 2009 alumni Noel Cuevas, a native of Puerto Rico, with a positive and challenging high school educational experience.  The decision to attend to MVA was fairly easy one.  Noel knew that he wanted more exposure and training with his baseball development and to gain a more thorough understanding of the English language.  Montverde Academy provided Noel with those skills, and effectively taught Noel that in order to be successful at MVA, and in life after graduation, he would have to learn to be disciplined, organized, and willing to adjust to different circumstances quickly – a major reason why his professional baseball career has been on the rise since he started in 2010.  During his professional baseball off-season, Cuevas also serves as a Development Associate in the Alumni and Development Office.

In a recent interview with the Montverde Academy Alumni and Development Office, Noel expressed his appreciation for all of MVA’s amazing  athletic facilities – a major reason why he supports the MVA Annual Fund’s Support the Mission campaign: “The athletic complex is unbelievable. The new gym is top notch. I see professional complexes and professional gyms on a daily basis and the one on our campus rivals professional ones. They did a great job at making sure student-athletes have the best shot possible at becoming the greatest player they can be both on the field and in the classrooms.”

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