Archie Arghyrou, an Upper-School history teacher, is now in his 12th year teaching at Montverde Academy.  Mr. Arghyrou was originally attracted to MVA’s international student body and small class size.   Having worked in other Florida educational systems, he was initially captivated with the “Green Mountain region” and the small town charm and character of Montverde, Florida.  In his years of service to Montverde Academy, Mr. Arghyrou has seen the Academy grow from 300 students to over 1200 students.  He has also grown to value and appreciate how the Academy has successfully maintained a balance between its growth and upholding the school’s excellent scholastic curricula.  

Arghyrou supports MVA’s mission, and believes others should also.  In a recent email interview with Montverde Academy’s Alumni and Development Office, he stated, “The library renovation was needed because students need to know how to do research because they will be doing a lot of research in college. We also have a great research database the students can use to access newspapers, scholarly journals, etc. I support the mission of Montverde Academy because every organization needs support as it grows.  I believe the Academy is the best secondary educational institutions in the Orlando area because it builds students’ character and helps the community by giving back.”

Mrs. Emybi Caballero, a MVA Upper School Spanish teacher, shares Arghyrou’s passion for teaching at Montverde Academy.  She decided to teach at Montverde Academy because she wanted to be part of an international learning community, discover other cultures, and teach others about her own culture as well.  She believes MVA is an amazing choice for high school and a great opportunity for her to contribute and be a part of a diverse community that nurtures character and is passionate about education and student learning.  MVAs Annual Fund initiatives have positively impacted her classroom greatly – especially in how the ESL and Foreign Language department language labs were able to purchase technology programs that provided her students with more listening and speaking activities.

Similarly, Mrs. Lori Treweek, Upper-School Sciences teacher, also appreciates the positive impact MVA has had on her US faculty experience.  In an email interview with MVA’s Alumni and Development Office, she stated, “The campus is beautiful, the facilities are always up to date and immaculate, but most importantly we have an opportunity to build relationships with the students that make Montverde what it truly is.  Montverde allows you to remain connected to the reasons you became a teacher in the first place.  You have the chance to both enjoy your work and enjoy the outcome of your work without ever losing sight of your purpose…When changes and improvements need to be made, we make them.  The annual fund is incredibly helpful in making many of the changes designed to improve both the education and the spirit of our students.” 

Contributions to MVA’ Annual Fund are vital to preserving Montverde Academy’s financial future. Your participation in Support the Mission will inspire others in the Montverde Academy community to give as well.  Annual Fund gifts can be paid monthly, quarterly, one lump sum, or timetable that work best for contributors.  After pledging a donation to Support the Mission, you have until May 15th to pay it.  All pledges received by December 31st, will enable us to pay for expenditures during the second half of the school year. Montverde Academy is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, so your contribution to the MVA Annual Fund is 100% tax-deductible, and allows each family to give at their desired level. To contribute to Montverde Academy during Support the Mission, please visit our online page HERE.  To join the 1912 Society, please visit HERE.