Mrs. Dana Cook is a Montverde Academy Lower School PK4 teacher.  She joined Montverde Academy’s faculty in 2004.  Her daughter, Abby, is a sophomore in the MVA Upper-School.  Mrs. Cook has witnessed many positive improvements to MVA’s campus over the last decade: new academic buildings, athletic complexes, and grounds expansion.  For Mrs. Cook, having facilities and classrooms that are current, clean, and functional with state of the art technology provides educational environments where teachers can effectively teach, and students can successfully learn.

In a recent email interview with the MVA’s Alumni and Development Office, Mrs. Cook expressed how MVA’s Annual Fund has positively impacted her daily classroom activities and student’s learning: “MVA, with the support of the MVA Annual Fund, has been able to do a wonderful job providing an exceptional learning environment.  This summer, a new projector with better sound quality was installed in my classroom…   The classroom also received a fresh coat of paint and brand new tile floors. The new projector in the classroom allows me to project games, story books on DVD, and live animals in their natural and/or zoo habitats for the students to observe.  We also have a set of 10 iPads that the Pre-K 4 classrooms share.  We use the iPads several times a week to support the learning objectives for the week.” 

Contributions to MVA’s Annual Fund are vital to preserving our financial future. Your participation in Support the Mission will inspire others in the Montverde Academy community to give as well.  Annual Fund gifts (cash, check, credit card charged outright to MVA) can be paid monthly, quarterly, one lump sum, or timetable that works best for contributors. After pledging a donation to Support the Mission, you have until May 15th to pay it.  All pledges received by December 31st, will enable us to pay for expenditures during the second half of the school year. Montverde Academy is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, so your contribution to the MVA Annual Fund is 100% tax-deductible, and allows each family to give at their desired level. To contribute to Montverde Academy during Support the Mission, please visit our online page HERE.  To join the 1912 Society, please visit HERE.