Montverde Academy’s Middle School consists of grades 6th through 8th.  According to Montverde Academy’s Middle School Catalogue, Middle-school teachers work to “engage, students through visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile teaching methods…to enhance the learning experience, foster independence, develop responsibility, and increase self-control.”

Mrs. Rosemarie DeJarnett, MVA Middle School 6th and 7th grade teacher, is also the mother of MVA students Chase DeJarnett, a 10th grader, and Cody DeJarnett a 7th grader.  Mr. and Mrs. DeJarnett have been positively impacted by the dedication and talents of Montverde Academy faculty and staff.  Mrs. DeJarnett especially values how Montverde Academy’s students and administration supports its faculty.  She also appreciates being able to work with fellow educators who share the same invigorating passion for student success as she does.  This year, MVA’s Annual Fund dollars provided new projectors for her classroom that have helped enrich her student’s learning and allowed for interactive teaching experiences accompanied by high-definition study materials.  Her classroom was also provided with new cabinets and additional counter space. 

In a recent email interview with MVA’s Alumni and Development Office, Mrs. DeJarnett described how the Academy’s Annual Fund has positively impacted MVA Middle School students: “The administration has the interest of the students at heart.  The money that is donated is put directly back into the projects that will benefit the students and their quests.  The donations go to the projects that will have the most impact on a daily basis for the student.  If you want a school that cares about the success of your child at every level, Montverde Academy is the place to be…Montverde Academy has given my children an extended family.  They now have many adults that are invested in their future and seeing them reach their goals.  Montverde Academy has given my children the opportunity to become better human beings, better students, better performers and better athletes.  These gifts are priceless!” 

Your participation in Support the Mission will inspire others in the Montverde Academy community to give as well.  Annual Fund gifts can be paid monthly, quarterly, one lump sum, or timetable that works best for contributors.   After pledging a donation to Support the Mission, you have until May 15th to pay it.  All pledges received by December 31st, will enable us to pay for expenditures during the second half of the school year. Montverde Academy is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, so your contribution to the MVA Annual Fund is 100% tax-deductible, and allows each family to give at their desired level. To contribute to Montverde Academy during Support the Mission, please visit our online page HERE.  To join the 1912 Society, please visit HERE.