Last month, both 1st and 2nd floor McCammack had a combined Fall party. The kids gathered outside in front of the building and had a great time playing games, and carving festive pumpkins. Prior to this day the kids had selected their teams for a pumpkin carving and decorating contest. The kids started the afternoon with the pumpkin contest with 56 kids forming into 12 teams. There was carving and painting taking place and many of the kids had never either seen a pumpkin nor carved one as well. It was so fun to watch them all work in their teams and see how creative they were in addition to scooping the insides out. After that the kids were all in engaged in some Midwestern games such as corn hole matches, bobbing for apples, ring toss, golf putting green, limbo competition and donut eating as well.  Afterwards all the kids were able to enjoy homemade tacos, nachos and cheese, variety of homemade cupcakes, brownies, nutella frosting, homemade cookies along with homemade sweet tea and various selection of sodas. Then kids then were able to fellowship on the grass and continue playing more of the games. Chaperons consists of Geoff ,Tricia and Brooklyn Kontz, Lauren Podguski (ESL Middle School Teacher), Dave and Cathy Podguski. There were also a few surprise guest and judges, Mr. Delmolino and Mr. and Mrs. Urquhart.  Since it was Halloween, the kids lighting their pumpkins and taking selfies.