October marked the 3rd annual Colonial Fair for Mr. Narducci’s Social Studies 7 Class. The students spent a few weeks learning about the early settlement and development within the 13 colonies of the United States of America.  As part of their curriculum,  Mr. Narducci Mr. Thomas Narducci (Middle-school History teacher) informed Montverde.org that he felt it was essential for his students to investigate HOW our country formed in its early stages to set the stage for both the American Revolution and independence.

The assignment was designed to have students work in groups to create a real estate booth for their colony. Once assigned their colony, students participated in research to create the following: a poster board detailing characteristics of their colony, a brochure for visitors to take, a jingle to enhance their presentation, providing food native to their colony, and to create a team t-shirt or research the clothing of the era.  According to Mr. Narducci, “Our social studies students did a fantastic job showcasing their knowledge, not just of their individual colonies, but of the colonial era as a whole.”